What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui literally means Wind and Water. The wind will carry the energies or Qi from different directions and the water is the medium to slow down the wind and hold the energies or Qi. Click here to read more.
What is Ba Zi (八字) and Destiny Analysis?
The Ba Zi is analysed by studying the interaction of the cosmic energies of the Five Elements. From Ba Zi, one's destiny and luck cycle become evident. Click here to read more.
Latest Publication

2016 - ProsperCalendar - Most Popular!
Great daily calendar which gives you a quick glance on the auspiciousness of each day in Year 2016. Click below to download ProsperCalendar.
ProsperCalendar 2016[PDF Document, ~946KB]


2015 - Wood Goat Year Predictions
ProsperTimes - Read Master Lim's Predictions for Goat Year 2015. Find out who's enjoying good luck? What are the matters to look out for, simple Feng Shui DIY, predictions for businesses and more. Download full magazine
[PDF Document, ~20.3MB]

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Event Course Updates

Master Lim presented in Singapore Polytechnic on "Qi Men Dun Jia for Divination" and shared various case studies on how Qi Men Dun Jia can be applied to complement Feng Shui analysis.

Participants taught various ways to apply Feng Shui in businesses and corporate settings in today's modern context. Event Coverage
by Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME)


Office Feng Shui & Tips
Read on some of the Office Feng Shui Tips and a quick & easy guide on how to identify your Career Line on your palm and how to interpret your Career Line.

Feng Shui Tips for Home Buyers (HOT!)
Fretting over selection of good Feng Shui homes? This issue provides easy steps and useful tips in helping home buyers to choose a good Feng Shui home. A downloadable checklist is also included so that you will not forget what to look out for when you go house hunting next time.

The Feng Shui Way to Select Your Dream Home
Learn the Feng Shui Tips, Do's & Don'ts in selecting your home. Great home site selection Feng Shui tips for home buyers.

Auspicious Chinese Names (Must Read!)
What is the composition of an Auspicious Chinese Name? Find out some of the Do's and Don'ts when selecting a Chinese name for your child. In addition, our ProsperTimes Chinese column shares with you how to locate your WEALTH sector in your house.
Feng Shui Audit (Residential/Commercial)
To unveil good energies in auspicious sectors. For residential or commercial premises.
Destiny Analysis
BaZi reading to find out your personal luck cycle, career prospects, wealth, health, romance, lucky directions/colours etc.
Auspicious Date Selection
Select auspicious date for wedding, opening ceremony etc.
Property Site Selection
For residential or commerical premises.
BTO Site Selection, DBSS Site Selection etc.
Courses & Seminars
Baby Name (Chinese) 婴孩起名

International Feng Shui Association
Member of International Feng Shui Association

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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